Best 5 Jet Lag Remedies That Actually Work

Here in this article we discuss top 5 jet lag remedies that actually work. Jet lag is a type of disorder that happens due to irregular gaps in sleeping patterns. This jet lag is a physiological state that results in a disturbance in the body clock which is also termed as circadian rhythms.

When a person suffering from this issue may observe the issues like irritation, disorientation, sleep disturbances, lethargy, feel drowsy and tired. The jet lag will result as other problem insomnia as well.

Flying from one time zone to another may require some interval of time to regulate your body’s functionalities. These functionalities include regulate the body temperature, balance the hormones, sleep patterns, and heart rate ratio as well.

Usually, this problem happens with the person who is a businessman or employee of some international organization. Due to his job requirement, he moves from one country to another in a short time. Too much traveling will show these types of health issues due to different time zones in different countries.

In medical terms, we can describe this disease as it disturbs the regular activities and absence of synchronization in different parts of the brain’s cells. The disease becomes more problematic in older ones and needs extra care to get back to normal condition.

While in the case of young children this jet lag has mild symptoms and gets back to health in a short time. According to studies on jet lag which shows this problem may become risky when people try to move eastward as compared to westward direction.

Jet Lag Symptoms That You Face
Some jet lag symptoms that you must know to recover from the disease on an urgent basis.

  • The problem in sleeping like insomnia disease
  • Fatigue
  • Feel heaviness and pain in the head
  • Irritation and confusion in the behavior
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal health issues like constipation or diarrhea etc.
  • Lack of appetite and feeling weak in the body
  • Focus on daily work disturb
  • Feeling not good

Here are top 5 jet lag remedies that actually work

  1. Reset Inner clock
  2. Simple guide for minimizing jet lag
  3. Try some exercise to avoid jet lag
  4. Melatonin hormone helps to recover
  5. Essential oil to reduce travel stress

Reset Inner clock

Rest inner clock is other powerful jet lag remedies that actually work. Our mind controls and everything that happened in our body which is managed by a biological clock or brain clock. This signals us which time is for going to bed and which time is for waking up. If this biological clock disturbs then it becomes difficult to remain active and healthy.

If you are suffering from jet lag or your normal sleeping routine disturb then the best thing you should do is reset your inner clock. The best thing that you can do is going to sun exposure as soon as possible in the morning time. The beautiful natural sunlight will assist you to come back to the normal condition of the inner clock.

Simple guide for minimizing jet lag

A simple but effective jet lag remedies that actually work. To control jet lag you should fly from first place to another place in the daytime if manageable. Do simple things if you reached the place where you want to go.

  • First, walk some miles daily
  • Second, eat something or have a dinner
  • Third, you should go to sleep at the local time interval.

The above little steps will help you manage your biological clock and away from the jet lag problem as well. One expert piece of advice for you is that do not go for a nap immediately if you go to someplace after fly. This practice helps you to go to bed at the local time and have a rest as per your need.

Try some exercise to avoid jet lag

Simple exercise that is effective jet lag remedies that actually work. Proper exercise is essential for a healthy life. The calories that you intake require proper consumption if this does not happen then weight gain or other problems start. After arrival goes to a bath this will feel you happy and fresh.

After the bath go for 30 minutes’ walk or some exercise as soon as possible. This exercise will boost your immune system and overall natural of your personality changes.

Make this practice a habit when you travel from one place to another. The stress due to travel will go away and you feel natural, fresh, and go to normal health condition rapidly.

Melatonin hormone helps to recover

This melatonin will be one of the other jet lag remedies that actually work. Melatonin hormone is found in the body which sends the signal to the brain and body that sleeping time starts. This is short term and more effective trick when you want to sleep with no time.

Melatonin is a hormone that deals with the natural wake-up and sleep mechanism in the human body. The melatonin level increases in the time of night so that humans want to sleep this time. Many research studies show that taking melatonin in supplement form can cure the disease like insomnia and jet lag.

Melatonin also helps in a jet lag situation to recover rapidly. If melatonin is using for a short time then there is no side effect. If you use it for a long period then another health issue may be aroused.

How to use it?

  • Take (1mg) tablet melatonin supplement before one hour when you want to go for sleep.
  • Repeat this practice daily if the situation remains the same.
  • When situation under control then you should leave the intake of melatonin because long-term intake causes other health issues.

Essential oils to reduce travel stress

Essential oils result to reduce traveling stress and normalize the body condition in less time. For this, you need just two essential oils (Lavender oil & sandalwood oil).

  • Fill up the bathtub completely with little warm water.
  • Add few drops approximately 6 drops of these essential oils.
  • Dip yourself in the bathtub.
  • Feel relax there for about 20-30 minutes.
  • This simple practice will help you to prevent jet lag conditions.

Jet Lag Remedies That Actually Work Conclusion:
Use simple natural remedies or tricks will helpful to fight jet lag conditions. Jet lag may become dangerous in certain conditions.

So when you reached the destination then should perform these 5 actions which are discussed. These natural remedies will handle the health condition before going to a dangerous phase.

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