Rare Eye Conditions In Humans 8 Remedies

Today, we are going to talk about “3 different rare eye conditions in humans” that is beneficial for you to know. There are different unhealthy eye situations like conjunctivitis, eye strain, and black eyes common in humans. So follow the natural ways to normalize the eye conditions without any medication. In some case poor eye condition may lead you towards headache problems as well.

Black eyes cause due to some injury because tissues around the eyes are very sensitive which is one of the rare eye conditions in humans. Therefore little problems will lead you towards a situation like “Black Eyes”. In many black eyes conditions, the eye itself does not in danger. And eyes go towards the normal condition after passing sometime.

In some cases, these black eyes are the sign of some danger such as a disease like a hyphema. In hyphema disease bleeding happen inside the eye. After passing some time this disease will result in a black eye. At an extreme level, this will damage your eye’s cornea and decrease the capacity of seeing a thing.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is one of the rare eye conditions in humans that leads you towards redness in the eye’s surface. In this condition the upper thin layer of the eye causes itchiness and more water coming out from the eye. Pink eye condition starts with one eye and further spreads from one eye to another eye within few hours.

A viral infection or bacterial attack may result in a conjunctivitis issue. However allergic reaction may also be the factor of this eye condition. The other major factor is that when your eye comes into contact with chemical products like shampoo or soap etc.

Eye Strain is one of the rare eye conditions in humans occurs when you focus on some activity such as reading a book, working on the computer, doing a job in the office, etc. Not getting proper sleep and doing hard work will lead you toward this eye condition.

Some causes of eye strain such as headache, fatigue, irritation in the eyes (eye soreness), and vision problems as well. You should follow simple natural remedies if you want the normal eyes back. Regulate the use of digital devices like smartphones or computers will be effective to fight eye strain.

Here Are Rare Eye Conditions In Humans 8 Remedies

  • Use Arnica Herb for healing black eye condition
  • Ice will relief you from black eye pain
  • Hot and cool compresses for a black eye
  • Goldenseal helps you to soothe conjunctivitis
  • In conjunctivitis condition use Calendula compress
  • Avoid digital screens to prevent eyestrain
  • Do some eye exercises for eyestrain
  • Hot and cool compresses in eyestrain case

1: Use Arnica Herb for healing black eye condition

Arnica is a powerful herb to fasten the healing process, reducing swelling, and pain as well. It is beneficial for healing because it contains the characteristics of anti-inflammatory. This arnica plays important role in skin bruising. Arnica herb is proven good remedy for rare eye conditions in humans.

Generally, bruises appear on the skin layer after surgery or some solid thing hits the skin. In this case, arnica gel can be used to recover on an urgent basis. Now arnica herb is using in many health-related benefits to treat osteoarthritis, post-shingles neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, wound healing, swelling, and post-surgical pain.

How To Use?

  • The use of arnica herbal gel is so simple. You can apply this arnica in gel form on the injured area of the skin two times a day.
  • To get the best result you should use it regularly until the skin becomes normal.

Caution Notes:

You should have to use arnica with extra care like keep it away from the eyes. If you have a cut on the upper layer of skin then you should not use this herb.

2: Ice will relief you from black eye pain

Black eye pain relief with the help of ice therapy is an effective method to cure rare eye conditions in humans. Small ice blocks are applying to the pain occurring areas. You can make any type of cold pack at your home with the help of household items without spending dollars.

If you are facing a problem like black eye pain then you must apply an ice pack to the affected area as soon as possible. This practice will be beneficial in the form of removing swelling, pain removal and arrests bleeding.

How To Use?

  • You need to have one ice pack or cold gel pack and enclosed in the cotton towel. This cotton towel will help you to restrict the direct contact of ice with your skin.
  • Apply the ice pack around the eye area for about ten minutes.
  • Stop this ice therapy activity for about five minutes.
  • After that, repeat this activity for about 10 minutes again.
  • When the swelling and pain reduces then stop repeating this practice cycle.

3: Hot and cool compresses for a black eye

When someone is injured or muscles pulled issue then heat and cold therapy play a positive and effective role. In extreme pain conditions, you can use ice packs or heat pads to get rid of this issue as soon as possible. Heat therapy works to improve the circulation of blood in the vessels and the recovery process accelerates.

In black eye condition, after some time when swelling being to minimize then this time is good to use a hot and cold compress. This activity helps you in the healing process of rare eye conditions in humans with an increase in blood flow around eyes.

How To Use?

  • Take one slightly warm washcloth or heat pad and apply on the affected area for 5 minutes.
  • After that, take another ice-cold washcloth and apply to the area for 1 minute only.
  • Repeat the above mention cycle 3 times.
  • This practice will be done around two times in one day.

4: Goldenseal helps you to soothe conjunctivitis

Goldenseal is another popular herb that can be used to cure eye conditions in humans. This goldenseal is used to treat skin problems, digestive issues, liver disorders, and eye irritation as well. Goldenseal herb is usually found in the form of supplements, creams to heal skin wounds and cure eye conditions in humans.

There are a number of health benefits such as bladder infection situation, the wound healing process, fungal attack on the skin. A goldenseal light-warm water helps to cure the irritation condition and kill the inflectional bacteria around the eyes.

Need these ingredients

  • You should require these ingredients to cure the eye condition smoothly:
  • One cup around (250ml) pure boiling water.
  • One teaspoon of goldenseal in powder form

How To Make Goldenseal water?

  • Take one container and add goldenseal power to it.
  • Now, add boiling water to the container, cover the container and wait for 15 minutes for steeping.
  • After the time pass, filter the liquid using coffee paper and remove all impurities.
  • Divide the mixture into three equal parts and apply to the affected eye three times a day.

Use this mixture carefully, because this may cause a strain on the clothes and towel as well.

5: In conjunctivitis condition use calendula compress

Use this calendula herb is useful to recover from conjunctivitis which is one of the rare eye condtions in humans. This calendula golden flower has a long history of using for skin-related herbal medicine. Because calendula has many healthy skin benefits for you. This herb is usually used for the wound healing process and inflammation of the skin.

A little warm compress makeup calendula tea will relief eyes in conjunctivitis condition and itching. The main reason behind using this calendula herb is that this herb has antibacterial and antiviral properties. These properties will multiple the healing process in different skin problems.

Ingredients required:
These two ingredients are required for making calendula compress.

  • One cup around (250 ml) of warm water
  • Two teaspoons of dried calendula powder

How to make and use it?

  • You need one container for mixture making process, pour warm water in that container.
  • Now, add calendula flower in dried form and cover up the container for steeping.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and strain the liquid to purify it.
  • Take a thin cotton cloth, dip it into the liquid that you have made.
  • Now, apply this calendula compress on the eye that is affected.
  • Repeat the process of applying after 15 minutes and warm the tea when require.
  • Carried out this process throughout the day to accelerate the healing process.

6: Avoid digital screens to prevent eyestrain

Our world has now become a digital world because every field of life integrates computers into their daily tasks. So much interaction with the digital screen in form of a digital watch, playing games, reading a book on a computer, computer office work, android phone, and watching television.

Too much time spending in front of a digital screen will lead you towards different health-related issues like vision problems (eyestrain), physical health issues, mental problems, and so on. To you want to live a healthy life then you should limit your time for a digital screen and cure these rare eye conditions in humans.

How to prevent eyestrain?

The simple solution to prevent especially eyestrain is that take 2 minutes to rest after spending half hour in front of a digital screen like a computer. During this 2 minutes break, you can see outside from the window or anything you want to see except a digital screen.

7: Do some eye exercises for eyestrain

Exercise is the key factor in many cases to make your body physically healthy with no extra medical treatment. Here are some 2 minutes exercises that are easy to follow and fighting rare eye conditions in humans easily.

Follow These Exercises:
Follow these simple tricks, these will help you to get rid of eyestrain situations effectively.

  • In the first step, you need to concentrate on tip of the nose, then slightly moves focus to any object lying in your room. Repeat this step several times if you feel comfortable.
  • Now rotate your eyes in circular form, during this step shift your focus upward, life, right and downward direction.
    Repeat this circular motion of eyes in opposite direction.
  • Hide your eye with the cup-formed hands, this will feel you artificially create darkness around you.
  • While doing this you just feel relax and deep breathing.

8: Hot and cool compresses in eyestrain case

As you treat the black eye with a hot and cool compress discuss above in detail. Now in the case of eyestrain, you can also follow the same hot and cool compress method to get rid of rare eye conditions in humans effectively. A first hot and then cold compress on your strained eyes will improve blood circulation.

What To Do?

  • Take two fresh bowls and a cotton washcloth for performing this exercise.
  • One bowl filled with light hot water and the other bowl with ice-cold water.
  • Now dip the washcloth in a hot water bowl, wring a little bit, and apply this on closed eyes.
  • After hot compress, wait a minute and repeat the same process with a cold water bowl.
  • Repeat this hot and then cold compress several times if you feel comfortable.


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