Different Healthy Tongue Color Analysis

According to doctors, there are many healthy tongue colors are present. The color of your tongue is a symptom that tells your body is suffering from disease or not. Every disease has a list of symptoms to alert you to medicate yourself. Some color signs show that you are healthy and some colors show alarming conditions.

Here we discuss unique and authentic information about the normal human tongue. We also explain the healthy tongue color analysis. So read this article “Different Healthy Tongue Color Analysis” completely to have knowledge. Some food items affect kidneys’ health and other parts of the body like the tongue also.

Define Tongue

The tongue is a small flexible and movable organ found in the mouth of the human body. It covers with moist and mucosa which made up of pink tissue. It has an amazing mechanism of tasting the food using taste buds. A healthy human tongue facilitates humans to enjoy the real taste of fruits, vegetables.

The tongue is an important part of the human mouth in the body. The normal healthy tongue plays an important role in chewing, eating food. There are small bumps on the surface of the tongue that gives it a rough texture. A large number of taste buds also present on the upper layer of the tongue. These taste buds connect the brain with the help of different nerves. There are four types of tastes like salty, bitter, sour, and sweet as well.

Normal healthy tongue divided into three sections. Which are tips and sides, back and root of the tongue. The back end of the tongue is with a floor of your mouth to provide a base. Whereas the front end of the tongue is movable in the mouth. The tongue occupies all the space in the mouth cavity when the mouth is closed. The mouth cavity also protects it from the outside environment.

Importance of tongue

There are varieties of functions that are performed by the tongue.


Sucking is a fundamental phenomenon that helps us in so many ways. To understand the phenomena we discuss here breastfeeding process. Due to sucking functionality babies unable to drink milk from their mothers. This process works like a piston where the mouth cavity works as a cylinder. When the tongue moves backward in a closed mouth then generates low pressure in the mouth. This pressure helps babies to suck milk from the breasts.

Grinding, chewing, pressing, salivating

These grinding, chewing, pressing, and salivating are processes that help us in our eating mechanism. The starting point of eating is chewing with the help of teeth. After that grinding process takes place that minimizes food items. Saliva is adding to the food that makes a paste-like form which is known as salivating. So studies show that the pre-digestion phase start from the mouth and then further digestion took place in the stomach.

Drinking and eating

There are two major factors teeth and the normal human tongue in the mouth cavity. After teeth, the tongue plays a major role in the process of eating. As tongue movable and enables us to suck the liquid thing. It also makes solid food into tiny particles.

These tiny particles mix with water to make a paste. The doctor’s advice is that good mash food is good for health and the stomach digests this food with no issue. It helps to distinguish between good taste and bad taste of the food.


Swallowing is the process that is an essential part of eating or drinking. Another scientific or medical term used for swallowing in deglutition. There are four major phases in the normal swallow or deglutition process. During this process, the food or liquid passes from the mouth and go towards the pharynx and into the esophagus.

Tasting Food Items

There are many taste receptors present on the upper layer of the tongue to test the food that we eat. The amazing mechanism is present to test the thing using taste buds. Our survival depends on the food that we consume. As we know that good and healthy food is good for health whereas poisonous food is bad for health as well. This tasting functionality will act as a switch to manage the saliva production in the mouth.

Speaking ability

Our speaking capability depends on the movement of the normal human tongue. You cannot speak most words while your tongue is satiable. There are 20 different movements that our tongue performs while speaking. Studies show that the normal human tongue produces 90 words per minute.

Different English letter-sound produces with the different movements of the normal human tongue. To note the working of the tongue you can pronounce different letters like t, d, r, and s. You will notice the different movements of the tongue in a different direction in the mouth.


Touching is the functionality of our body that helps to identify different objects found in the environment. The upper layer of skin has many receptors that are directly connected with the brain of the body in the normal human tongue. These receptors are the main source for feeling touch when someone touches you.

These receptors are small but transmit exact information to the brain when touching phenomena occur. They may help you to sense different things like heat, pressure, stretch, or friction. These tiny receptors combine to make a system called the nervous system. Our brain acts according to the information provided by the nervous system. Neuroscientists are still researching to get more information about the nervous system working.


Mechanism of defending your body from different bacterial or virus attack is present around the normal human tongue. These defense cells are called lingual tonsils which protect us from different diseases. Lingual tonsil found at the back of the mouth and it is considered to be part of the lymphatic tonsillar ring.

Healthy Tongue Color Analysis

Most of the physician or doctors ask to show your tongue. A physician wants to check the physics normal health appearance and its color to see the present situation of your health. Healthy tongue color analysis will indicate several problems like dehydration, fever, kidney problems, nutritional deficiency, etc.

Changing the color of the tongue indicates different health issues such as disease. Medical problems in the human body affect directly the texture and shape of the tongue. Healthy tongue color looks pink and having a thin white layer coating. A normal healthy tongue with light and dark pink color with different shades is considered to be a healthy human body.

White Tongue | White Coating on Tongue

When white spots on the tongue appear then it may result in a white tongue or white coating on the tongue in the future. A white tongue is the areas of the tongue where white-coated or white patches appear. There are various causes of the white tongue with harmless signs. In rare situations, these white marks symptoms become out of control.

Causes of the white-coated tongue:

  • Bacterial attack
  • Leukoplakia
  • Oral thrush (Candida yeast, asthma, diabetes, poor hygiene, Syphilis)
  • Rare chance of cancer
  • Oral lichen planus (due to ulcers, painful gums, and check)
  • Poor oral hygiene (dry mouth, drinking alcohol, not cleaning the tongue, dehydration)


Its difficult to say that white is healthy tongue color or not. White coating on the tongue will cure with a little bit of improving your oral hygiene. If the condition remains the same for 2 weeks continuously then you visit some specialist. The Doctor diagnoses the real possible cause of the white tongue. Proper medical treatment helps to remove these white marks on the tongue.

Purple Tongue

Purple tongue problems are found because of many problems like poor blood circulation or a heart condition. A purple tongue is also indicated other issues which are vitamin deficiency, adrenal gland problem. Sometimes less oxygen present in the blood may cause the purple tongue

Causes of purple tongue

There are many reasons which led you towards the purple tongue. Some food or beverages will cause purple spots on the layer of the normal human tongue.

  • Blueberries
  • Particular juices or smoothies
  • Beets or beet’s products like beet juice
  • Colored frosting
  • Colored candy


Purple is not a healthy tongue color. If there are no such things you drink or eat then there is a real problem. These problems may include bad blood circulation. Deficiency of Vitamin B-2, Bacteria, Varicose veins, Addison’s disease are other problems. Sometimes hormonal changes occur due to some medication results in the purple tongue.

Dark Red Tongue

What does red tongue meaning? In some situations, the normal human tongue will become a dark red tongue. Red tongue meaning indicates your body has scarlet fever or vitamin B deficiency.

Most doctors pronounce these red, bumpy, or swollen tongues as strawberry or raspberry. This strawberry tongue appearance is because of some allergic food that you eat.

Causes of Dark Red Tongue:

  • Many situations may cause to have a dark red tongue. Some of these possible causes are below:
  • Kawasaki Disease (rash, high fever, peeling skin, swelling in hands and feet)
  • Allergies issues (rashes, difficulty in breathing, itchy, scratchy mouth)
  • Scarlet fever conditions (high fever, sore throat, headache, flushed face, the red rash)
  • Vitamin Deficiency Problems (hormonal disorder, weakness, fatigue, memory difficulties, lack of vitamin B-12)


Healthy tongue color is not dark red also. The dark red tongue is not an alarming condition for human health. Some conditions like vitamin B-12 deficiency will become serious. So take care of your diet plan will help to recover from the dark red color of your tongue. You should have a detailed checkup for finding the exact problem behind the color of your tongue.

Grey Tongue Meaning:

When the tongue looks grey then there are some problems that exist in your health. Grey tongue meaning your body has some health issues. If this situation remains the same for 2 weeks then you should have proper medical treatment.

Causes of the grey tongue:

There are three different possible issues which are as follows:

  • Digestive issues:
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Eczema


Healthy tongue color is not grey. These symptoms will not lead you to any cancer or other illness condition. The digestive problem will lead to so many complications in health. Proper medical treatment requires to overcome this situation. Eczema is inflammatory or hypersensitive dermatosis which may affect people of all ages. Eczema has three types which are acute eczema, sub-acute eczema, and chronic eczema.

Yellow Coating on Tongue

Yellow coating on the tongue is due to the bacteria growth on the upper layer of the tongue. The yellow coating is harmless conditions. These issues resolve at home with home remedies in a few days. In some cases situation goes out of control which requires proper medical treatment.

Yellow coated tongue causes:

Some of the major causes of the yellow coated tongue are as follows:

  • Food products with oxidizing agents (mouthwashes, rinses, toothpaste, peroxide products, alcohol)
  • Poor oral hygiene issues (bacteria presence, not brushing)
  • Tobacco usage (cigarette, chewing tobacco items)
  • Dehydration or dry mouth (less water consumption, less saliva generation)
  • Black hairy tongue
  • Foods that stick to the tongue
  • Geographic tongue
  • Jaundice
  • Eczema conditions


Healthy tongue color is not yellow. Oral hygiene is the major factor to fight many oral problems. There are many ways to get rid of the yellow tongue. The main things are brushing, fluoride rinses and scraping the tongue with care. Baking soda is also good in this case to clean your tongue.

Black Tongue Meaning:

Sometimes you face the problem like black coating on the tongue. This black discoloration of the tongue considers a medical condition “hairy tongue”. A black tongue is a harmless situation which disappears something black on your tongue. Here we discuss some hidden black tongue cases that you do not know.

Black tongue causes:

There may be many significant symbols of black tongue discoloration. Black tongue meaning that you must know is as follows:

  • Poor oral hygiene condition
  • Substances like tobacco, alcohol, coffee, etc.
  • Dehydration
  • Bacterial attack
  • Hygienic products like mouthwash etc.


Healthy tongue color is not black. This uncomfortable hairy tongue causes bad breathe which damages your personality. Black coding on the tongue removes limiting the use of alcohol, coffee, or tea. Drinking a suitable amount of water will help the human body to fight dehydration.

Changing your lifestyle or eating habits that cause the black coating on the tongue. Limited cases become worse and need a proper doctor’s treatment. Deep analysis of the problem helps to fight the disease with target treatment.

Orange coated tongue

An orange coated tongue is another form of discoloring from reddish to the orange tongue. Some patient may say that my tongue is orange now what would have to do? Generally, this orange tongue causes eating which is artificial coloring food. If you have not eaten anything then this may result in a medical condition.

Orange tongue causes:

There are many underlying orange tongue causes which are given below:

  • Certain medical condition (bleomycin, chloroquine, doxorubicin, amiodarone)
  • High beta carotene foods (sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, carrots, mangoes)
  • Oral thrush condition
  • Poor oral hygiene


Healthy tongue color is not orange. If poor hygiene is the main cause then you should improve your diet plan. Make a habit to brush twice a day and use a soft tongue scraper. In the rare situation when the situation remains the same then go to a doctor to make proper treatment. A healthy human tongue with simple pink color is a sign of a healthy body.

Green tongue

Food having green color inside may result to turn your tongue green is a normal condition. If there is no such condition then there is some health issue present. Green tongue appearance due to some infection or some type of bacteria growth on the tongue. Signs of the green tongue will go away with proper treating the infection.

Green tongue causes

Some underlying causes which affect healthy normal human tongue are.

  • Illicit drug consumption
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Antibiotics reactions
  • Oral cancer
  • Syphilis
  • Lichen planus
  • Geographic tongue appearance
  • Oral thrush
  • Hairy tongue
  • Leukoplakia (due to alcohol or tobacco use)


Healthy tongue color is not green. If the condition is temporary due to the color of food then there is no need to worry. Green tongue for a long time may be due to bacteria growth. Treatment of this situation will cure using antibiotics. Tongue scraping is a good solution but before doing that consult with a doctor.

Green tongue recovery is easy in most conditions. These conditions may include improving diet, improve poor hygiene, and brush daily. Stop using such mouthwash that disturbs the normal pH level of the mouth.

Blue Tongue

Blue-tongue discoloring is very rare in humans. Bluish colored tongue symptoms are equal to the purple-colored tongue. A tongue turning to blue is a sign that there is a lack of oxygen in the blood. The lack of oxygen in the blood is alarming for the human body and needs immediate medical treatment.

Blue Tongue Causes:

There are few most reported reasons of blue tongue are as follow:

  • Some complication in blood
  • Oxygen shortage in lungs
  • Blood vessel damaging
  • Kidney problems
  • Eczema disease


Healthy tongue color is not blue. Take care of your health and improve blood circulation in the body will solve the problem. If the problem remains the same for some weeks then you must go to a doctor. In this phase, you should have to diagnose the exact issue and get healthy tongue color. There may be one of the reasons which we already explained above.


Treatment of Healthy tongue color

Sometimes tongue color is alarming for health and sometimes not. Some color of the tongue is a normal routine of the human body. But some cases may become dangerous for health. In these cases proper investigation of the body and treatment becomes necessary.

Most of the hidden healthy tongue color disorders are.

  • Antifungal conditions for oral thrush
  • In a vitamin B-12 deficiency situation
  • Folic acid or vitamin B-9 deficiency in the body
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs for Kawasaki disease problems
  • Antibiotics for scarlet fever condition

Some of the healthy tongue colors do not need treatment like

  • Geographic or grey tongue
  • Yellow-colored tongue
  • Black-colored tongue
  • Oral lichen planus

The best advice for you to do full-body scanning at least one time a year. These practices will save you and your health from any danger. Any issue which is at the first stage will be cured with the help of this scanning. Our prayers for you are “Be safe and have a beautiful healthy life”.


  • How long does white tongue last?

White spots on tongue due to several reasons. The white-coated tongue will cure after some week. If the condition remains the same then there is a fungal attack on your tongue. You can use any anti-fungal mouth-wash to cure white tongue.

  • What does green tongue mean?

The green tongue is a sign that your tongue has been infected by bacteria, fungal, or yeast overgrowth. Green tongue means that your body has several health issues that you have to solve. All the deep discussion on the green tongue topic discussed above.

  • What does orange tongue mean?

These bacteria and yeast sometimes change the color of the tongue into orange. These bacteria grow in your mouth and gathered on the surface of the tongue. Removing this orange coated tongue with the help of antifungal and antibiotic medicine.

  • What disease affects the tongue?

Many diseases affect the healthy human tongue which is as follows:

  • Glossitis
  • Black hairy tongue
  • High fever
  • Oral cancer
  • Thrush
  • How can I get a healthy tongue?

There are many pieces of advice which help you to have a healthy human tongue. These pieces of advice are as follows

  • Drink plenty of water instead of drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks.
  • Take care of your oral health. Make your habit to brush with fluoride toothpaste twice in one day.
  • Stop tobacco consumption because it may lead to mouth infection or bad breath.
  • Stop alcohol consumption will lead to kidney issues and other health problems.
  • A regular dental checkup will help you to aware of the disease in an early stage.
  • Should you brush your tongue?

There is no need to need a special instrument to clean your tongue. A simple soft toothbrush is enough to clean your health. Some classic toothbrush already has scraper on the back. You can clean your tongue with this type of scraper during the brushing process. This will improve your teeth health and tongue health as well.

  • How can I make my tongue pink and clean?

A simple and more effective way to clean your tongue is with the help of the brushing process. If the condition is out of control then specific treatment help to turn tongue healthy. You can use cleaner to remove bacteria or dead cells from the upper layer of the tongue. This process will fight bad breath and improve oral health.

  • What food cleans your tongue?

Our mouth is the entry point of food. Your foods may include anti-microbial characteristics. These foods will fight bacteria and other harmful germs from the mouth. These foods include garlic, coconut, ginger. You should increase the intake of iron-rich foods in your diet plan.

  • Can stress affect your tongue?

A stress-free mind can fight any disease with full intention. Too much stress will disturb the normal working of your body. Stress will cause health issues like blood pressure. Your stress will affect your oval health as well. This stress may include

  • Mouth sore
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Cold Sores
  • Canker sore
  • Which food is good for tongue?

A healthy diet plan is good for the normal human tongue. A diet which contains natural fruits and vegetables is the good working of the body. Chemical products and other unhealthy foods impact on your body. Good food improves your blood pressure, heart, or obesity problems. In the end, this will enhance your tongue health also.

  • What is the cause of a rough tongue?

The main reason behind the rough tongue is less consumption of water. Less water intake will cause dehydration. Due to dehydration, your tongue becomes rough and unhealthy as well. So consume a standard quantity of water in a day to have a healthy human tongue.

  • Is tongue scraping good or bad?

In some cases, tongue scrapping becomes a healthy tool to fight germs on the tongue. This scrapping is useful to have a healthy tongue color. A good and healthy tongue will be pink and smooth as well. Scrapping process implements during the brushing process. Doing scraping with hard things will damage your tongue as well.

  • What are the signs of a healthy tongue?

You should have the right knowledge about healthy tongue color. This information will guide you to treat yourself before the situation becomes worse. The main purpose of a healthy human tongue is to taste the food and enjoy eating. If your tongue is a pink color with no coating presence then the health of the tongue is good. This is the indicator that you have a healthy tongue.

  • What color should your tongue be?

A healthy tongue color analysis shows that healthy tongue color is pink. This is the sign that you do not have any disease. The research studies also show that colored tongue other than pink or light pink is good. But having a different color scheme of your health is an alarming situation for you.

  • Why do doctor check tongues?

A tongue is a silent teller about your health. A doctor sees the physical condition of your tongue. This practice gives a clue to a doctor about the healthy tongue color analysis. Different conditions like stress, infection, medication issues impact on tongue. For finding the main reason for disease doctor checks your tongue color appearance.

Final thoughts:

Take healthy and natural food and live a healthy life. We share information about healthy tongue color analysis. You will find information about which tongue color is normal and which one is alarming. This will help you to decide when to go to a doctor for treatment.


Share this article with your friend and family members. Thanks for reading our article “Different Health Tongue Color Analysis”.

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