17 Common Myths About Acne Causes

17 Common Myths About Acne Causes

Myths about acne causes are far from the facts explained in science. In our daily life, we believe in some acne myths which are not related to facts. Some acne myths are wrong but someone is partially true. The best thing to educate you about myths about acne causes is that to search for the facts. You can consult with a Dermatologist that has detailed facts and myths about the skin. Sometimes people say something as they face in their life and make their perception. Not every myths about acne causes is true because these are not based on some solid scientific knowledge.


There are oil glands present in the lower layer of the skin. These glands produce oil continuously which exits from the opening of human skin. This oil is helpful to protect and lubricates the skin. If oil glands perform over activity then this may result in acne in both males and females. Sometimes, the cells that are present near the openings of the oil glands and block the openings. This situation will cause a buildup of oil in the lower skin.

Different medical terms that are used commonly are acne vulgaris, androgens, and antibiotics. In Human skin, the appearance of acne is a very common phenomenon. There are different types of acne in the human body. The most common classification is as follows:

  • Papules
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pustules
  • Cysts
  • Nodules

Famous Myths About Acne Causes:

Any person may tell you some basic causes of acne which are wrong.  And you start to believe these myths about acne causes as fact. We explain myths about acne causes that are most common and these are based on speculation. Some speculations are true but most of them are half-baked myths. Some myths about acne causes are as followed

Only Teenagers Are Victims of Acne

Yes, acne appears in teenagers most frequently during the age of 20 to 30. But the fact about acne is that it may appear to people of all ages. According to the researcher, about 25% of teenage boys and 50% of teenage girls suffer from acne. The basic cause behind acne in teenagers is hormones. So many people who got acne in their teenager. But there are also many adult people which are not facing acne.

Chocolate Acne Myth

Acne in human skin may appear due to many reasons. You can not single out one chocolate the main reason for acne. Maybe in one person chocolate cause acne but this rule is not to fit in all situations. There are only a few researches that support the idea that pure chocolate can cause a pimple on the skin.

Milk and Acne Myth

Wrong myth is famous about milk and acne but there is no direct relation between milk and acne. However, some people are allergic to milk but that is another situation. Milk is the regular diet of most people which contains proteins and helps to grow in babies.

Sugar and acne myth

In the beginning, some researcher believes that there is a connection between diet and acne. When new studies came out on acne and chocolate shows no direct relation was found. These results force the researchers to change their opinion. One universal rule is “excessive in anything is bad”. So improving your diet will help you to control the acne.

Poor Hygiene Causes Acne

Poor hygiene cause acne is another misconception when we discuss myths about acne causes. Acne is the primary cause because of genetic and hormones. After that stress, diet and other factors will also play their role. No doubt, eating style and diet may affect your health and skin. Some food items that have a high glycemic index may cause acne in very few people.

Acne Products Not Good For Sensitive skin

Another thought present is that acne product is good if your skin is sensitive. Due to some reasons if you feel acne product irritating the skin. You can change the way of using these products. Apply moisturizer on your skin before using the products and decrease the frequency of using that product. These products contain salicylic acid which helps to fight acne.

Popping Pimples Will Finish Acne

Acne damages the beauty of skin that is why everyone wants to get rid of acne as soon as possible. Some people think that pooping the pimples from the face which cures not have acne in the future. According to some researchers squeezing and picking acne will raise the chance of infection increase. And this practice will damage the cells of the skin which decreases all beauty of the skin.

The Sun Fights With Acne

A little sunlight is good for skin and health as well. There is no relation between sunlight and acne but sunlight causes sunburn skin cancer and many other problems. According to doctors, too much sun is not an acne treatment. Sun rays include ultra violate waves which will damage skin color and skin. Instead of treating the acne sunlight can trigger some type of acne or allergic reaction as well.

Dirty Skin Causes Acne

Another miss leading myth about acne is that if your skin is dirty then acne appears on the skin. Dirt is not the factor causing acne. The main factors causing acne are excessive oil and bacteria. Washing your face twice in one day will remove oil and dust from the skin.

Eating Fries Things Cause Acne

Another misconception is present that consuming too much oil or oily things will result in acne on the skin. Consuming French fries or other junk foods causes other health problems but does not cause acne. There is no medically or scientifically proven evidence present that oil intake causes acne. So consult with a doctor to take proper treatment will help you to cure these acnes.

Washing Skin Several Times Best Way To Fights Acne

There is no link between acne and washing skin. Some studies show that if you have acne on your face and washing your face frequently. Then this would increase the infection around the face. Trying to clean your face 2 times a day is enough to remove dust, dead skin, and oil from the face. Washing your face is helpful to decrease bacteria presence on the face but not the treatment of acne.

Stress Causes Acne

Stress is the main factor in many health diseases found in the human body. According to medical, there is no link between acne and stress. So stress causes acne is a misleading statement that does not prove in any theory or research.

Body Acne and Face Acne Are The Same

Before going to talk about this myths about acne causes, we have a question for you. Do the skin of the face and the rest of the body is the same? We hope the answer will be no. there are many types of acne and each of them has some solid reason which will find when you treat your acne infection. Sometimes there is a difference between face and body acne and sometimes not.

Acne Appears on Oily Skin

This myth is also misleading to some extend. No doubt, one major factor of acne is oil. But this does not mean that every oily skin will result in acne. People have dry, oily, or sensitive skin type may cause acne that includes whiteheads blackhead and pimple. So targeting just oily skin is not the truth.

Toothpaste Can Clear a Pimple.

Another wrong myth is that toothpaste can clear a pimple or any type of acne. Household toothpaste is good for your teeth that keep them healthy. Toothpaste has many tricks or health hacks but it does not mean that it can fight acne also. The fact is that there is no link between toothpaste and acne removal.

Pores Open and Close

Another wrong myth found in our daily life that acne due to open pores or closed pores. This myth also has no medical proven background. Skin pores have no muscles and not able to open and close.

Makeup Cause Acne

Sometimes people blame on specific brand’s makeup or cream that is another common myths about acne causes. Makeup only causes skin infection or irritate your skin if you are using some wrong or outdated products. One good thing that you must remember is that wash your makeup loaded face before going to bed. This habit will save you from uncounted disadvantages of makeup.

“Myths About Acne Causes” Conclusion:

We aim to explain the wrong myth about acne that are present in our society. All facts and figures are explained about acne which is based on knowledge. We list out only 17 common myths about acne causes but there are other myths also exist.


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