10 Foods To Avoid For Kidney Health

Some foods to avoid for kidney health are necessary. Kidneys are an essential organ in the human body. They purify human blood from waste products. Kidneys fashion throughout the day as our heart. According to researchers our kidneys filter about 200 quarts of human blood and extract about 2 quarts of water material. Your diet plan should be kidney-friendly. Eat and drink those foods which keep you healthy. This waste material further moves towards the balder and is excreted from the body in the form of urine.

After reading this article “Foods to avoid for kidney health”, you should have enough knowledge about kidney health. This information educates you about kidney diseases and prevents you from having such diseases in the future. Unfortunately, a habit of eating harmful food will cause so many problems like kidney failure or stones in the kidneys.

We will cover the basic need of the human body but keep in mind that every human body has different nutrition requirements. The specialist who is an expert in nutrition and diet for kidneys will give you the best meal plan. Eating food is an essential part of our life but the right food at the right time has a major impact on your health. A good diet plan also helps you from further damage to the kidney and helps in recovering process.

Importance of diet plan:

What you eat food is directly impacting on your body. Intake of low fat and low salt food will keep your blood pressure in control. If someone has a disease like diabetes you must control blood sugar. Control your blood sugar depends on your diet plan. Two diseases diabetes and blood sugar are a direct impact on the health of your kidney. Our diet contains a different ratio of nutrition like proteins, calories, fat, and carbohydrates. Best diet plan means to contain the right quantity of above mention nutrition.

10 Foods To Avoid For Kidney Health

The following 10 foods to avoid for kidney health:

  1. Salty Food Items
  2. Carbonated Beverages
  3. Genetically produced foods
  4. Meat Consumption
  5. Artificial colors and sweeteners
  6. Dairy Products Intake
  7. Caffeine intake
  8. Drinking Less Water
  9. Less Sleeping
  10. Drinking Alcohol Habit:

Salty Food Items

One of the foods to avoid for kidney health is “salty food items”. The human body requires a balanced amount of different vitamins, minerals, and other food essentials. Similarly, our body requires a minimal amount of salt or sodium carbonate (NaCl) for the normal working of the body. But this little amount of salt present in different fruits and vegetables as well. Some processed foods containing a high amount of salt which is harmful to your health.

Research studies show that consuming salty food items for long-time causes health problems. These problems include heart or kidney diseases. The other outcome of salt consumption is that it raises blood pressure. Everyone knows that there is a direct relationship between blood pressure and kidney health.

Carbonated Beverages

The things which contain chemicals such as carbonated beverages are always dangerous for the human body. These beverages include artificial sweeteners. Like energy drinks, and other soda drinks which directly affect the health of kidneys. Sometimes these carbonated beverages may cause the production of stone in the kidneys.

A study shows that making a habit to take 2 such carbonated drinks in a day will increase the risk factor of kidney disease. To overcome this advantage you must replace these types of drinks with fresh fruit drinks. These fruit juice are a million times better and healthy as compared to carbonated drinks.

Genetically Produced Foods

One of the foods to avoid for kidney health is “genetically produced foods”. Today genetically produced foods are everywhere in the markets. The seeds of these foods are artificially engineered to produce large crop yields. these seeds also have better resistant properties. These foods are included in our diet plans. These foods include sugar cane, corn canola soy, and a wide range of such foods.

A mammal- based study was held to check the effects of genetically modified corn created by a famous modified seed Production Company. This study is based on checking the side effect on kidney and liver function amongst rats. The outcome of this study concludes that these genetically generated foods may lead to health problems.

Be like an intelligent person avoids consuming such foods that are not healthy for your body. Food items like frozen foods, pre-packaged meals are the top listed in genetically generated foods. Take natural foods that are a million times better than these artificial foods.

Meat Consumption

One of the foods to avoid for kidney health is “meat”. Meat is an essential part of our body muscles creation because meat contains proteins. Proteins are building blocks of our body. Our bones, hairs, and other parts are made up of proteins. But research shows that animal-proteins are high-proteins as compare to plant-based proteins. These proteins processing create waste products in the blood.

These waste products elimination process from the blood by kidneys becomes difficult. Kidneys have to work hard if you consume meat in large quantities in your daily diet plan.

Artificial Colors And Sweeteners

One of the foods to avoid for kidney health that is made by artificial sweeteners. Most of the people believe that artificial sweetener is intelligent move to control their weight and remain healthy. Maybe artificial sweetener is good for diabetes patients but it may have dangerous effects on your health. A recent study shows that consumption of these sweeteners may disturb the normal working of kidneys.

There is no comparison between natural food and artificial food. The most diabetic patient avoids taking sugar because of their disease. Instead of consuming sugar, they tried to intake artificial sugar which may result in more dangerous to health.

In other research studies study those people who take two diet soda bottles every day. This habit may result in disturb the functioning of kidneys and their health as well. A piece of wise advice to that person is to take natural sweeteners like Honey and Stevie or more instead of these chemical sweeteners.

Dairy Products Intake

One of the foods to avoid for kidney health is “dairy products”. Dairy products are the foods to avoid for kidney health. Dairy products have rich in vitamins and nutrition which are healthy for the human body. Consume dairy products in large quantities will outcome the same problem. These problems are due to animal-based proteins.

A recent study shows that more intakes of dairy products will increase calcium excreted in your urine. This situation is an alarming point in kidney stone formation. Researcher study shows that the chance of kidney disease decreases if the consumption of dairy products is limited. The major factor is that kidney does not need to perform extra work in blood filtration.

Caffeine intake:

One of the foods to avoid for kidney health is “caffeine”. The main source of codeine is energy drinks, tea, sodas, coffee, and other artificial food items. This type of food will produce a dangerous effect on healthy kidneys. The main reason behind caffeine intake is that it stimulates the blood flow normal routine. This situation causes an increase in blood pressure level in the body and loaded extra pressure of working on kidneys.

Consume a large amount of caffeine on regular basis will affect the body’s health and as well as kidney health. But excessive intake of caffeine produces stones in kidneys that disturb the normal working of kidneys as well.

Drinking Less Water

Our body contains more than 70% of water and necessary for skin health as well. Although water is a universal solvent and it helps kidneys to filter our blood. It is necessary to take proper water on a daily routine. This will help your body in the process of hydrating and cleaning sodium and other toxins from blood and body.

Drinking water also helps in reducing the stone present in the kidneys which causes pain. People which have problems with their kidneys advise limited water intake. But water intake of around 1.5 to 2 liters in a day is a healthy habit.

Less Sleeping

Proper sleeping is good for the human body and less sleeping will damage your health as well. A good sleeping routine at night is more important than sleep in the day time.

Drinking Alcohol Habit:

Alcohol directly affects the human body and may disturb the functionality of the kidneys. Heavy drinks like alcohol and smoke have a high risk of kidney problems. Replace your alcoholic drinks with fresh fruit juices can minimize the chance of kidney disease.

“Foods To Avoid For Kidney Health” Conclusion:

Foods to avoid for kidney health is good to know. What you eat in your diet directly affects your body organs as well. If someone has a kidney problem must reduce sodium, phosphorus, and potassium intake. This will directly help to recover from the disease. Food items that have a high quantity of potassium or phosphorus should be avoided. Follow these instructions which we have discussed above foods to avoid for kidney health.


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